12 Tips to Help You Plan Your Wedding



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Planning your wedding can feel overwhelming - and rightfully so! There really is so much to do to make sure that everything happens just the way you’ve always dreamt.

Because your list of to-dos can feel so long, it’s a good idea to have a strategy when you approach wedding planning. To help you get started, here are our 12 best tips for planning your dream wedding.


1) Don’t forget what’s important. With so much to do, it’s easy to let the stress build up - and sometimes even get out of control. The best thing you can do is to remember to take a step back and remind yourself of the big picture - you having the best day ever in order to celebrate your love! Keep this in mind and some of the overwhelming details will start to fade into the background.


2) Control your guest list. The more guests you invite, the more intimidating your wedding planning (and its budget) can become. Do your best to control your guest list by limiting those you invite to close friends and family. Remember, most wedding venues charge a per person rate, which means that big guest lists equal big budgets.


3) Select in-season flowers. Flowers are an important piece of your wedding - but they’re also an expensive piece. To manage your flower budget without having to give up on the idea of fresh blooms altogether, pick flowers that are local and in-season. Ask your florist for recommendations and for a seasonal flower list!


Photo by : Location: De Haven Oost Wedding Venue


4) Consider a wedding planner. A wedding planner can be a lifesaver! Not only will they keep everything organized, but they’ll give you and your family peace of mind, too.


5) Choose better guest favors. If you’re planning on giving your guest a little something as a token of your appreciation, look for something that they can either eat or something that they will use or see regularly (like a small potted plant).


6) Let guests RSVP smarter. Rather than using reply cards, let your guests RSVP on a digital wedding invitation website. Not only will you save on paper and postage, but it’s also more likely that you’ll actually get more responses!

 My Wedding Online

 Wedding Website by: My Wedding Online


7) Let flowers do double duty. Rather than paying for flowers twice (some for the ceremony and some for the wedding venue reception), use the same flowers again. For example, you can take bridesmaids’ bouquets and repurpose them as centerpieces!


8) Think about your guests. Plan your day with you and your guests in mind. If you’re planning on taking bride and groom photos during the reception (like as the sun sets), cut your wedding cake before so that everyone has something to enjoy (and eat!)


9) Make a wedding program. Planning your day with a program ensures that your wedding goes exactly (or at least as “exactly” as possible) as planned. Share this program with all of your vendors and suppliers so they know what you expect of them (and when to expect it!)

Photo by : Herman Mostert Location: De Haven Oost Wedding Venue


10) Let there be games! While a garter and bouquet toss can be fun, it’s sometimes more fun to play a game that feels a little more “fresh” (especially if many of your guests are already married). Try other fun games to keep your guests entertained and energy levels up!


11) Don’t forget ice breakers. If you want guests to really interact with each other (and take part in games, like the shoe game), then you need to make sure they feel comfortable with each other. An ice breaker or two before games begin can help everyone have more fun.


12) Make group pictures easy. The best time to take large group and family pictures is usually right after your ceremony. If you tell all family to stay at the ceremony site, you can usually get these pictures fast and painlessly. (No having to hunt down your brother or Uncle Ted!)


Article by: Nikita van Heerden. Wedding planner at De Haven Oost.





Photo by: DHO Photography - Flowers by: #flowersbyretha


If there’s one way to transform any wedding venue it’s flowers. Your wedding flowers are an amazing opportunity to make your wedding venue look and feel special. And, by matching your colors and style, they help to tie everything together in an unforgettable way.

Unfortunately, beautiful wedding flowers aren’t exactly inexpensive. Thankfully, however, there are some smart ways to save on your wedding flowers. Above all, be sure to discuss your budget openly with the florist you choose to work with. Being upfront ensures that you won’t be severely disappointed (or shell-shocked) when you see the quote.
And, even when working on a budget, be sure to communicate what you want. Just because you’re working with a smaller budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get exactly what you want. Share pictures and offer guidelines so your florist knows exactly what you want the final outcome to be.
Of course, knowing that you are working with a budget means that you also have to give your florist some creative freedom. As the experts, they’ll understand what is possible - and what isn’t - given your wedding flowers budget.


De Haven Oodt Florist

Photo by: DHO Photography - Flowers by: #flowersbyretha


Below are then of our top tips on saving on you wedding flowers while still being able to create the look and feel you want for your wedding.


1.Select in-season flowers. Your flower budget can go a lot further when you choose to use wedding flowers that are in season for your wedding date. Not only are in-season flowers more affordable, but a lot of times they have more personality too. And, of course, there are always the year-round winners, like roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums.

2.Opt for something different. Flowers are expensive, which is why trying to decorate your entire wedding venue with nothing but them can break the bank. Consider using flowers only where you need them, and then think out of the box (i.e. feathers, candy, branches, candles, fruits, etc.) for the rest of your décor.

3.Find a lookalike. If you love the way a certain flower looks but can’t afford it, do your research (or consult a flower expert) to find a more affordable flower with a similar look and feel.

4.Fall for greenery. You can make your flower budget go a lot further if you maximize the greenery used in arrangements. Not only is greenery a money-saver, but it also adds texture and visual interest.


Photo by: DHO Photography - Flowers by: #flowersbyretha


5.Reuse flowers. If you can, consider using the flowers you use in your ceremony as arrangements for your wedding venue reception. Wedding party bouquets can look great as table centerpieces!


6.Support local. If you’re able to choose flowers that are grown nearby you can save a lot in transport costs. Work with your florist to find flowers that are close to your venue. As a bonus, this often means the flowers will be in season too!


7.Let florists do their job. While you should definitely convey your style, palette, and budget, it’s important to remember that florists are experts at what they do. Give them some room to work creatively in order to craft bouquets and arrangements that match your theme - and your budget. 


8.Think in bulk. The fewer flower types you choose, the more you’ll save because your florist can buy in bulk. 


9.Go big. The bigger the blooms, the more room they take up, which means you need fewer flowers to make a statement. 


10.Stay simple. Flowers are inherently beautiful, which means you really don’t need a ton in order to transform your wedding venue into something you and your guests will love.

Article by our in-house florist: Retha Komejan

From: Flowers by Retha

Instagram handle: #flowersbyretha

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You have the wedding venue and all the other boxes have been checked but now the the time has come to select the perfect song for you and your loved one first dance as a married couple.

But where to start? The best place is with you… yes with you. Ask yourself the question; what song best represent our personality, relationship and love for one another?

That is always the best and only place to start. Choose sometime as unique as you are. Here are some of the best opening dance selections. Enjoy…


Top 5 Modern first dance songs 2019

1.       Artist:  Ruelle - Song: I get to love you - Listen: Play

2.       Artist: Lana Del Ray - Song: Love - Listen: Play

3.       Artist: Sia - Song: Helium - Listen: Play

4.       Artist: Imaginary Future & Kina Grannis  - Song: I will spend my whole life loving you - Listen: Play

5.       Artist: Calum Scott - Song: You are the Reason - Listen: Play


Top 5 Slow first dance songs for 2019

1.       Artist: Haley Reinhart- Song: Can’t help falling in love - Listen: Play

2.       Artist: Amos Lee - Song: Arms of a woman - Listen: Play

3.       Artist: Kristina Train Song: How long will I love you (cover) - Listen: Play

4.       Artist: Eddie Carswell - Song: When God made you - Listen: Play

5.       Artist: John Legend  Song: All of Me - Listen: Play


Top 5 Movie soundtrack first dance songs for 2019

1.       Artist: Christina Perri - Song: Thousand years -Listen: Play

2.       Artist: Berlin Song: Take my Breath Away - Listen: Play

3.       Artist: Righteous Brothers  - Song: Unchained Melody - Listen: Play

4.       Artist: Bryan Adams - Song:  All for Love - Listen: Play

5.       Artist: Goo Goo Dolls - Song: Iris - Listen: Play


Top 5 Old school first dance songs for 2019

1.       Artist: Brain Adams (unplugged) - Song: Heaven -Listen: Play

2.       Artist: Eric Carmen - Song: Hungary eyes - Listen: Play

3.       Artist: Louis Armstrong  - Song: Wonderful World - Listen: Play

4.       Artist: Sting  Song: Field of Gold - Listen: Play

5.       Artist: Michael Learns to Rock - Song: Paint my Love - Listen: Play


      Photo by:


Top 5 Fun First Dance songs for 2019

1.       Artist: Ben Howard - Song: Only Love - Listen: Play

2.       Artist: Niall Hora - Song: Slow Hands - Listen: Play

3.       Artist: Rusted Root - Song: Send me on my way - Listen: Play

4.       Artist: Stevie Wonder - Song: Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I am Yours - Listen: Play

5.       Artist: Prince  - Song: Kiss - Listen: Play


Top 5 R&B first dance songs for 2019

1.       Artist: Sabrina Claudio (Ft 6lack) {Remix]  - Song: Belong To You - Listen: Play

2.       Artist: Alicia Keys - Song:  Falling - Listen: Play

3.       Artist: Kiana Lede - Song: I Choose You  - Listen: Play

4.       Artist: Adriana Evans - Song: Suddenly - Listen: Play

5.       Artist: Beyonce - Song: 1+1- Listen: Play


Top 5 Folk first dance songs for 2019

1.       Artist: Seafret  - Song: Wildfire - Listen: Play

2.       Artist: Phillip Phillips - Song: Home - Listen: Play

3.       Artist: John Butler - Song: Ocean - Listen: Play

4.       Artist: Echosmith - Song: Bright - Listen: Play

5.       Artist: Kristian Bush - Song: Forever now  - Listen: Play


Top 5 Beach first dance songs for 2019

1.       Artist: Jason Mraz  - Song: I am Yours - Listen: Play

2.       Artist: Israel Kamakawiwo’ole  - Song: Somewhere over the Rainbow - Listen: Play

3.       Artist: Micheal Franti & Spearhead  - Song: Say Hey (I love You) - Listen: Play

4.       Artist: UB40 - Song: I Got You Babe - Listen: Play

5.       Artist: Christina Perri  - Song: Be my forever - Listen: Play


Top 5 Country first dance songs for 2019

      1.       Artist: Brett Young  - Song: In Case you didn’t know - Listen: Play

2.       Artist: Kane Brown  - Song: Heaven - Listen: Play

3.       Artist: Blake Shelton  - Song: God gave me you - Listen: Play

4.       Artist: Drew Jacobs - Song: Amazed (cover) - Listen: Play

5.       Artist: Brad Paisley  - Song: She’s Everything - Listen: Play


Top 5 Wanderlust first dance songs for 2019

1.       Artist: Sleeping at Last  - Song: I am gonna be (500 miles) - Listen: Play

2.       Artist: Jose Gonzales  - Song: Heartbeats - Listen: Play

3.       Artist: Bon Iver  - Song: Holocene - Listen: Play

4.       Artist: Ellie Golding  - Song: Love me like you do - Listen: Play

5.       Artist: Tom Walker - Song:  Just You and I - Listen: Play


 We hope you find the prefect song for that prefect moment.

When planning your wedding, it feels like every decision is a huge one. From where you’ll tie the knot to the food you’ll serve, every decision impacts how your big day will go - and, of course, how much it will cost. With weddings seeming to get more and more expensive each year, it’s great when you can find a way to save money without sacrificing anything.

If you’re on a budget, or just looking for a smart way to save money so that you can allocate it for other things (like an out-of-this-world honeymoon or a down payment on a home), then choosing online wedding invitations is super smart.


Here are seven reasons why using a wedding invitation website will save you money and resources - and still keep everything about your big day absolutely perfect.

1. No Space Limitations. Not only do online wedding invitations ensure that you’re not limited in the information you can include, but they don’t require you to spend more money in order to print front and back or include paper inserts (which almost always get lost or misplaced anyway).

2. When you use a wedding website for your invitations, you can completely customize how every inch of your invites look. For example websites like My Wedding Online are fully customizable thus you can design your website to fit perfectly with your wedding theme.



3. It is fun, informative and interactive. Because of special features guests can interact with your wedding invitation, creating something different and special.

4. No Wasted Money. In addition to the postage for the invitations, many couples choose to include paid postage for RSVP cards. When you are hosting a lot of guests, even this relatively small amount can quickly add up. The benefit of wedding invitation websites is that they allow RSVPs to come in digitally - no wasted paper or postage required.



5. The majority of your guests already spend loads of time online, which means sending them online wedding invitations is more than just affordable - it’s convenient for everyone!

6. No Wasted Time. When you send out traditional wedding invitations, you are forced to play a waiting game. While the mail itself might take days (or even weeks) to arrive to your guests, you then have to wait again for the RSVPs to get back to you. And, when you’re in the middle of making decisions for your wedding, not knowing how many people are going to come can make everything that much more difficult.

By using online wedding invitations, you can deliver your invites instantly - and receive RSVP updates as soon as they happen. Plus, if you have any information you want to pass along to your guests, wedding invitation websites make it easy to get in touch with everyone at once.



7. With service providers like My Wedding Online guests can actually load photos from their smart phone onto your wedding website on the day of your wedding. How cool is that. It like you own mobile photo booth.

Online wedding invitation creates a whole now would when it come to wedding entertainment. It is as unique as you are and offers so much more than printed invitations. Take the time and check it out.


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