The Top 10 Best Ways to Save on Your Wedding Flowers

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Photo by: DHO Photography - Flowers by: #flowersbyretha


If there’s one way to transform any wedding venue it’s flowers. Your wedding flowers are an amazing opportunity to make your wedding venue look and feel special. And, by matching your colors and style, they help to tie everything together in an unforgettable way.

Unfortunately, beautiful wedding flowers aren’t exactly inexpensive. Thankfully, however, there are some smart ways to save on your wedding flowers. Above all, be sure to discuss your budget openly with the florist you choose to work with. Being upfront ensures that you won’t be severely disappointed (or shell-shocked) when you see the quote.
And, even when working on a budget, be sure to communicate what you want. Just because you’re working with a smaller budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get exactly what you want. Share pictures and offer guidelines so your florist knows exactly what you want the final outcome to be.
Of course, knowing that you are working with a budget means that you also have to give your florist some creative freedom. As the experts, they’ll understand what is possible - and what isn’t - given your wedding flowers budget.


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Photo by: DHO Photography - Flowers by: #flowersbyretha

Below are ten of our top money saving tips for your flower budget, whilst still being able to create the perfect look for your wedding. 

1.Select in-season flowers. Your flower budget can go a lot further when you choose to use wedding flowers that are in season for your wedding date. Not only are in-season flowers more affordable, but a lot of times they have more personality too. And, of course, there are always the year-round winners, like roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums.

2.Opt for something different. Flowers are expensive, which is why trying to decorate your entire wedding venue with nothing but them can break the bank. Consider using flowers only where you need them, and then think out of the box (i.e. feathers, candy, branches, candles, fruits, etc.) for the rest of your décor.

3.Find a lookalike. If you love the way a certain flower looks but can’t afford it, do your research (or consult a flower expert) to find a more affordable flower with a similar look and feel.

4.Fall for greenery. You can make your flower budget go a lot further if you maximize the greenery used in arrangements. Not only is greenery a money-saver, but it also adds texture and visual interest.


Photo by: DHO Photography - Flowers by: #flowersbyretha


5.Reuse flowers. If you can, consider using the flowers you use in your ceremony as arrangements for your wedding venue reception. Wedding party bouquets can look great as table centerpieces!


6.Support local. If you’re able to choose flowers that are grown nearby you can save a lot in transport costs. Work with your florist to find flowers that are close to your venue. As a bonus, this often means the flowers will be in season too!


7.Let florists do their job. While you should definitely convey your style, palette, and budget, it’s important to remember that florists are experts at what they do. Give them some room to work creatively in order to craft bouquets and arrangements that match your theme - and your budget. 


8.Think in bulk. The fewer flower types you choose, the more you’ll save because your florist can buy in bulk. 


9.Go big. The bigger the blooms, the more room they take up, which means you need fewer flowers to make a statement. 


10.Stay simple. Flowers are inherently beautiful, which means you really don’t need a ton in order to transform your wedding venue into something you and your guests will love.

Article by our in-house florist: Retha Komejan

From: Flowers by Retha

Instagram handle: #flowersbyretha


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